Updating the plugin


We keep improving the plugin every day so expect new updates to be released regularly.

Once you activated your license-key the plugin can be updated automatically directly from the WordPress plugins page.

Automatic plugin updates are not working

If the automatic updates are not working wait a moment and try again later. It could be that the update server is temporarily down.

If you still have issues after trying several times during the day the problem may be a server issue on your side. In that case, you can always download the latest plugin version from Codecanyon.

Once you downloaded the files from Codecanyon, unzip them and search for the folder called “angwp” Open your plugins folder (wp-content/plugins) using FTP, and just overwrite the old angwp folder with the new one.

Don’t worry no banners or any settings will be lost or changed.

! Before Updating

Always make sure you keep a copy of the previous plugin version just in case. Once you upload to the latest version you cannot go back.

If for some reason you need a previous version of the plugin please create a support ticket and we’ll provide you the version you need.