What happened to WP PRO Advertising System?

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WP PRO Advertising System became “Adning“.

Started in 2011 we developed the WP PRO Advertising System. After 8 years of updates and improvements, lots of things have changed, coding standards have evolved, and in order to keep improving the plugin, it was time to move on, say goodbye to the code and start a new, even better advertising plugin from scratch.

With over 8 years of user feedback, we know exactly what people are looking for when it comes to ads on their WordPress website and all if this knowledge is now getting bundled into our new project “Adning”.

We decided to replace the WP PRO Advertising System instead of just removing it. That way all of our customers have the chance to download the new Adning plugin instead of having to purchase a new one.

If you are still using the old (WP PRO Advertising System) plugin you may have a few questions about this change. Here are the most common asked questions:

Can I update from WP PRO Advertising System to Adning?

No, Adning is a completely new plugin so you’ll have to choose. Keep using the WP PRO Advertising System or move on and start using Adning.

Do I have to start from scratch when moving to Adning or can I import old banners?

Banners cannot be imported from WP PRO Advertising to Adning so yes, if you change to Adning you’ll have to start from scratch. However, Adning is super easy to use and creating new banners/adzones has become much easier so it won’t take you long to get started 😉

I can no longer activate my WP PRO Advertising System plugin?

Since we made the switch to the new plugin (Adning), the license code is now only valid when you activate the Adning plugin. The WP PRO Advertising System plugin no longer uses the license key. However, If you decide to keep using WP PRO Advertising System over Adning, it’s not necessary to activate the plugin. It will work just fine without the activation.

How do I receive updates for WP PRO Advertising System?

Since we made the switch to the new plugin (Adning), WP PRO Advertising System will no longer be updated. The last available update (v5.3.4) is included in the Adning download package on Codecanyon.

I want to keep using WP PRO Advertising System how do I get support?

Unfortunately, WP PRO Advertising System is no longer supported. From now on support is only available for the new Adning plugin.