Add a banner to your website

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Our most famous function is the automatic banner positioning function. It allows you to add banners to your website directly from the banner settings page. However, we do provide more options to make sure you can add your banner wherever you want!

Automatic positioning

The easiest and fastest way to show banners on your pages. Use the Adning menu, go to Banners and select the banner you want to add to your website.

On the banner settings page look for the settings box called “Auto Positioning” (it should be under the banner preview settings) and select one of the ad placements.

Depending on your selection an extra settings panel may open to specify some extra positioning settings.

Use the “Display Filters” box to specify where the banner should appear exactly.


Banners can be inserted using any text area on your website that will render shortcodes.

To add a banner to your site using a text area just use the following shortcode:

[adning id="0"]
<!-- Add your banner or adzone ID into the id argument -->


Banners can be inserted in all WordPress widget areas using the custom “Adning ADS.” widget.

Template Tag

In case you need to add a banner to your website but there is no text area, widget area or content area available you can always insert the banner into your theme code directly using the template tag.

// Add your banner or adzone id to the id argument
echo do_shortcode('[adning id="0"]');