Add custom CSS to banners and adzones


It may happen that a banner or adzone gets positioned to close to the text and you want to add some padding to make your pages look nicer.

Adning has a custom CSS option to make this easy for you. Under Adning > General Settings > Website Code Injection > Custom CSS you can write CSS code that will get added to your website automatically.

Every banner and adzone can be targetted by its class name.

Banners and adzones both have the class name _ning_outer you can use this class to target every banner or adzone on your website.

If you want to target a specific banner/adzone you can use the class name angwp_{banner/adzone ID} so let’s say you want to target a banner with ID 123 you use the class “angwp_123“.

Adding margin to a banner or adzone

The CSS to add margin to the top of a banner/adzone with ID 123 would be: