Track banner statistics with Google Analytics


Why use Google Analytics to track banner impressions and clicks?

Tracking ads with Google Analytics allows you to combine your advertising data with other metrics like page views.

It also takes away the pressure of tracking clicks and impressions locally in your own database which will improve your server performance.

Step 1

Make sure you have a Google Analytics account. Log in and find your Google Analytics Tracking ID which looks like UA-xxxxxxx-xx.

Step 2

Go to your website, Open the admin and select Adning -> General Settings. Look for Google Settings and open Google Analytics.

Add your Tracking ID and click Save Changes. That’s it. Once you’ve added your tracking ID Adning will start sending stats data to Google for all banners with stats enabled.

To enable stats for banners go to Adning -> Banners, select the banner, click Edit and find Banner Stats and check the Enable Stats box.