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Add a banner to your website

Our most famous function is the automatic banner positioning function. It allows you to add banne


Track detailed banner statistics using Google Analytics Saving banner statistics on your own s

Activate Google AdSense for your WordPress site

Google AdSense is a very simple way to get started showing ads on your WordPress site and start e

Track banner statistics with Google Analytics

Why use Google Analytics to track banner impressions and clicks? Tracking ads with Google An

Analyze banner statistics with Google Analytics

To analyze your banner statistics with Google Analytics open your Analytics account. In the le

Create Background Ads

Background ads will take over the default background of your page and wrap around the content con

Export Google Analytics Ad Report

At one point you may need to share your advertising statistics with your client advertisers. If y

Add more currencies

By default we provide all Paypal accepted currencies. In case you need to add more, there is a fi

Start selling ads on your website

The first step to start selling ad spots on your website is to create adzones for every ad spot y

Add custom CSS to banners and adzones

It may happen that a banner or adzone gets positioned to close to the text and you want to add so

Pop up background color

In the banner or adzone settings under Auto Positioning make sure the pop up option is selected.

Collect user data form

We created a simple shortcode to create a form that collects user data. Attributes: id (re