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Where do I get the license key?

Go to "Downloads" in the user menu. Click on the green "Download" button and selec

What happened to WP PRO Advertising System?

WP PRO Advertising System became "Adning". Started in 2011 we developed the WP PRO Advertising

Can I get a refund

We do not have a money-back guarantee or trial period policy. Once you purchased and downloaded t

Banners do not show

You created a banner, used the method of your choice to add it on your page and still... It's no

Update to v1.2.5

This article is only for users with Adning version older than 1.2.5 In v1.2.4 we had to make a

Updating the plugin

We keep improving the plugin every day so expect new updates to be released regularly. Once yo

smarTrack does not save statistics

To save statistics using Adning you need to install the free add-on SmarTrack. You can do this by

Fatal Error when loading banner settings

The issue: when viewing a banner you get a fatal error / white screen of death or this text: Ther

Adzones not showing

When adzones are not showing up on your website either using shortcodes or widgets a very common